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Errors & Omissions Legal Liability

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Seaport Marine Insurance has written a legal liability form, which can be added to a marine cargo policy providing broad protection for any of the following:

→ Nvocc legal liability
→ Indirect air carriers liability
→ Warehouse legal liability
→ Bailee liability
→ Motor truck cargo

Each of these coverages protect you for a specific operation you perform. The policy pays for damages for which you are found to be legally liable and defense costs of claims made against you, whether or not you are liable. The costs of defense can and do far outweigh the damage payments in many liability cases.

Under our E&O program, Seaport Marine Insurance will arrange coverage for the following:

→ Improper release of merchandise
→ Misdirected freight
→ Protests
→ Cargo insurance
→ Quote merchandise

You can choose from a wide range of limits and deductibles. Our rates are extremely competitive and within the reach of even the smallest international transportation specialist.

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